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Manor Lanes

 Monday Rec 6's  
 Tuesday Rec 6's    
 Tuesday Int 6's
 Wednesday Rec 6's    
 Wednesday Int 6's

 Thursday Rec 6's            
 Thursday Elite 2's       
 Friday 6's

Angry Buffalo at the Rose Garden

 Monday Power 4's  Craig Ryan - Muffin Stuffers  Matt Loos - Dat Ace Doe        
 Tuesday Rec 6's  Tim Winans - Abbott Pizza  Matt Bolles - The Volley Llamas        
 Tuesday Int 6's  Mary Tully - Bump Set Drink   Danette DellaNeve - Team Hughes        
 Wednesday 4/6's  Billy Thomas - Juicy Fruit  Mike Podgorny - Alpha Q Up        
 Thursday Int 6's  Kevin Hess - Give Em the D  Ralph Schillace - Sandgina        
 Friday Rec 6's  Dan Wells - Grizwalds  Val Bernale - Plug Life        

Bellevue Hotel

 Monday 6's  Josh Herbeck - Herbeck Nation  Becca Bailey - Lane Chen        
 Tuesday 6's  Brian Cox -   Jeff MacArthur - Kuddelmuddels        
 Wednesday 6's  Morgen Blahowicz - KandeyCo  Joe Blahowicz - KandeyCo        
 Thursday 6's  John Brendel - Sandstorm  Curtis Monin - Molly Perk - I - Set         

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