Bar Challenge Rules


Bar Challenge Rules Currently Only Apply to Bellevue Volleyball and Rose Garden Kickball!

Beginning WEEK 2 the Bar Challenge will begin. This will be a fun game inside the Bar and WILL NOT effect your overall STANDINGS! If you and your team chose not to participate you will forfeit the bar challenge for that given week with no penalty.

Flip Cup - Cups will be filled minimally for game play. The amount of beer you decide to drink outside of "league game beer" is up to you. We are all adults here - so drink responsibly!  An individual may elect to drink water, pop, iced tea, etc. instead during game play. You are in no shape or form obligated to drink beer for this event. Flip cup will begin promptly after your match inside the bar. Red Solo cups will be provided by the league.  Minimum 3 flippers per side. If a team has 6 players and the opponent has 3, then the first three flippers on the team with 3 players will double up to make it an even game. 3 SETS PER GAME just like volleyball so a team can win 2-1 or 3-0. Flip cup scores count just like a volleyball game directly impacting season standings. Teams can lose by forfeit if they do not take part!

Points towards Standings-

3-0 Win- 1 point

2-1 Win- 1 point

1-2 loss- 0 point

0-3 loss- 0 point

After completion of match in order to get 1 Point- Winning Team must post photo of both teams on Buffalo Volleyball Facebook page with a comment of your team name and the score of match!!!

You can also send me a picture to 716-860-7821

This is suppose to be fun and is on the honor system!! So play fair and have a great time!!!

Big Jenga- Coming Soon!!!!!

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